You need to vote like your life depends on it on November 3rd. Why? Well here are few reasons...

October 15, 2015... I sat in a little breakfast diner in my hometown. The tv was playing in the background... and there was Joe Biden at the White House with his wife announcing he would not be running for President in 2016. My heart sank, and I torn because I was hoping he would run. I felt at that time to continue the fantastic run of America; we would need to have him run. But he didn’t, and I knew we had to focus on Hillary Clinton. We had to keep what I felt was Obama’s epic growth in this country. No matter what, you think that man was a rock star .. and so is his second in command, Joe Biden. As we all know, the death of a loved one makes you feel like you got a punch in the gut and could breathe... as it was for him at that time after losing his son Beau.

The feeling I had on election night 2016 began to sink as the night went on. It was past midnight, and Wisconsin was in play. Being a healthcare professional, I needed to go to bed with a looming 12 hour day ahead. My mother turned to me and said, “Trump is going to win.” Always trying to be positive, I laughed and said, you are wrong; it won’t happen. Then after tossing and turning for hours, I turned the tv on to see a nightmare occur... he had won. I ran to my mother's room, and we just cried. There are some things you can feel like a human, and I felt impending doom. And one of the most unforgettable quotes from Hillary was, “I’d love to see this guy handle a pandemic. "In early January 2020, I started to get this feeling of unrest again. A virus called COVID-19 was becoming out of control in China and Italy. I said to very few people that I was scared for America because that man wasn’t paying enough attention to what was going on. He literally brushed it off. I knew as a heath care professional we were going to be in a ration of trouble going forward. We were not prepared enough for this.

Around Valentine’s Day, as a commuter on the train to my job I became very ill. My parents who had already migrated to Florida had been unusually sick as well in January. And most of their friends who had just traveled from Boston to Florida. As a person who takes Advil for everything I noticed I could not break a fever. So I started to take Tylenol. It was the only thing that helped to calm the fever for 4 straight days.

March 2020... here we are, we are knee deep in a virus in The United States called Covid-19. People are getting sick, and we literally have no idea what’s happening. But all I really know is we have a leader at this point who is denying what is happening, for what I believe is his on personal gain. At work our employers are becoming aware of what is occurring, but they are so far behind we are starting to lose members of the healthcare force. This is all so unnecessary! How did we get here? How am I so filled with anxiety going to work... a job I have had for 19 years now? I couldn’t sleep at night knowing we had no PPE (which my family and I had to myself purchase for my own safety), no plexiglass to protect us, amongst other issues.

In my opinion, this was a failure on the President. He doesn’t care about us, that is very obvious. But you know who does... that man who I felt should have run in 2016 Joe Biden does. You can hear it when he speaks... it’s all about compassion and integrity. Joe Biden has this. I have been a big advocate for him and even said to many including top Democratic officials, what can I do to help him I asked. They said to keep telling people about him and why you need to vote for him. So here I am, a few days before this election telling you all how I feel going into this election.

You need to vote like your life depends on it on November 3rd. Why? Well here are few reasons:

Vote for Covid-19 mask mandates

Vote for Social Justice in America

Vote for your exhausted healthcare workers

Vote for women’s rights

Vote to get those little kids out of those damn cages!

Vote for Justice for Jamal Khashoggi

Vote for the earth

Vote for decency and humanity

Vote for national security

Vote for Fauci

Vote for Medicare (our parents need it)

Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

We need them right now...