Wufers Cookie Boxes For Dogs Are Here!

If you follow my blog,  you know I’m super obsessed with my chi’s Maverick and Buddy.  So of course I love when I stumble upon super cute items for dogs.  One day I was scrolling and saw these SUPER CUTE Christmas cookies for dogs.  They come from a company called Wufers.https://wufers.com/

Omg how cute is that name Wufers?!? They make cookie boxes for all occasions.  They have celebration boxes, thank you boxes, winter, and Christmas boxes all available.  The Advent Calendar is adorable, but it’s so cute it keeps selling out!  All of the ingredients are safe for your doggies too... just watch here https://youtu.be/yP9L2B5INMQ.

Today and  tomorrow .. aka Cyber Monday they are offering 15% off when you buy 3 boxes.  They come with 12-15 cookies and only cost $29 dollars.  There’s enough to even share with their doggie friends.  And your supporting a small business which makes my heart full.  https://wufers.com/

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