Sandra Lynn releases "Fight" on January 19th

We always talk about wanting to hear more females voices in country music right? Well do I have a artist for you! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sandra Lynn over at the Aristo Pr offices in Nashville, TN.

I asked Sandra about how she jump started her career and it was in the most impressive way!  Her first EP came out back in 2014.  It was produced by Jay Demarcus.  What a great way to arrive on the scene!

Last summer she released a song titled “Hey California”  it has a very beach boy type vibe to it!  The songs upbeat and catchy lyrics will get stuck in your head for days.  You can listen right here! LISTEN NOW.

Later this month on January 19th she will release her new EP titled “Fight”.  The first track off the EP will be “Somebody Kissed Me At a Bar”.  It is set to premiere on CMT, Spotify, and Sirius FM. I cannot wait to find out what inspired this track! Who kissed you Sandra?? 

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