Ringing in the new year with Drew Baldridge

To ring in the New Year this past weekend, I had the honor of getting invited to The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to preview country artist Drew Baldridge’s new music.  Cold River Records, Drew’s label did not disappoint!

The showcase was hosted by Neil McCoy who lead us in his a pledge of allegiance to the flag and  comedic humor. Followed up by a writers round with Drew, and two legendary song writers, Tim Nichols and Monte Criswell.  

Drew and his band then took to the stage and really got the crowd going. He performed his latest hit “Guns & Roses” and former ones like “Dance with Ya”.  Then we got a preview of the new songs on his next album and guys I am telling you these are some hits.  They are real high energy and have a catchy beat.  You can preview one below! If you haven’t seen one of Drew’s shows your certainly missing out!

This latest to be named album is going to catapult Drew into a whole new realm this year!  Tim Nichols came over to me after the show and asked what I thought.  Which ps was so cool! I said I think this album is going to make his career and he will be one of the New Faces next year at CRS.  He’s on a Luke Bryan level.  He looked at me and said I agree!  Drew is one of his favorite artists to work with.

Big shout out to all the incredible work done by Karen Gale of LOUDMOUTH and the Cold River Records team for putting together such a amazing event!  It really was a “Drew Year's Eve”!

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