Luke and Caroline Bryan Rescue Abandoned Dog

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge adopt don’t shop advocate.  I have saved 2 dogs from a kill shelter in California and had them flown home to me.  I’m sure everyone that follows me have seen Maverick and Buddy.  I love them to pieces.

Last night I saw a amazing story from one of my favorite rescues Proverbs in Nashville.  About a week ago they saved a 18 year old dog that was turned in because all of a sudden the owners had become “allergic”.   Well here’s the feel good moment of the day.  Luke and Caroline Bryan went and adopted this dog over the weekend!! I was in tears reading that this guys going to have a amazing rest of his life!

So a huge shout out today to the Bryan’s and Proverbs on such a amazing story!! You all can donate to this incredible rescue here http://www.proverbs1210rescue.org/.  And let’s give Luke some more streams on my all new Luke playlist for this amazing deed they did https://open.spotify.com/user/22xwjjtyw3ubcblpjzblkfkmq/playlist/5UvJGiSKjk1J8PgLVzMLoB?si=L4XwroiQQPOxrqGJVyA0mA

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