Ladies, Meet Your Fave NuBra

Meet your fave NuBra!

Ladies we all know the strapless bra game is a endless one.  The struggle is real when we go to wear cute tanks, dresses, and camisoles.  I’ve spent countless amounts of money on strapless bras that fall down to my waist by the end of the night! Or they are too tight and dig into you skin.

I decided to try a new brand called NuBra.   It’s a sticky strapless bra that actually stays on and is super comfy.  It didn’t move around and stayed in place all night long!

They come in different varieties too!  They are push ups, silicone push-ups, and even super cute bandeaus, like the one in my picture here!  https://www.nubra.com/There are pretty colors and prints available as well!  Side note they are designed to run smaller than a standard sized bra.. so do order your  regular size!  

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