Introducing Your Favorite New Restaurant ... Alcove Boston

As many know I’m a huge Celtics fan and I am always looking for a spot to eat before the game.  A few weeks ago we found it!  The restaurant is called Alcove, located at 50 Lovejoy Wharf right next to the TD Garden and North Station.  And what a location it is with beautiful views of the city and Zakim bridge!  

The other night I was invited to interview and come try more of the delicious food,  by the owner Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli .  You may recognize him from Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar.  The theme is a farm coast concept where they take New England sourced ingredients like vegetables, meats, etc and blend them with chef Maxine Fanton’s own Mediterranean techniques and flavors!

Boy they do not disappoint!  The menu boasts snacks, appetizers, meals, and even amazing unique desserts like tiny lemon meringue pies. Guys when you go here my two must haves are the charcuterie plate and rigatoni Mac & cheese! They are to die for. My other favorite of the night was the roasted half chicken... it will make your mouth water!

Oh don’t let me forget to tell you about their unique cocktails!   My favorite of the night was called a Sabroso Fashion, which is made from reposado, fungi, and mezcal. Yes it has mushrooms in it, but the taste is so refreshing and yummy.  If your into whiskey like my assistant Mario, you will definitely want to try the Havana Wears Jersey! It is made up of apple brandy, dry vermouth, and orange pomegranate.  He highly recommends this  one.

So if your looking for a fabulous dinner before a game, concert,  or even to just go to dinner... this is your favorite new place I promise.  Alcove is located at 50 Lovejoy Wharf in the back next to the Converse store. You can get there by train or if you drive they do have a valet.  And we all know I love a good valet!! Visit www.alcoveboston.com

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