Introducing Sam Grow (Not from Texas)

Phew! Now that I have recovered from a whirlwind 48 hour trip to Nashville,  get ready for all new interviews!  CRS just had their 50th year bash and what a incredible week it was!

Kicking off my interviews is one of my favorite new artists Sam Grow.  Boston country music fans I’m sure you have seen Sam over at Loretta’s Last Call on Landsdowne St.  I’ve actually been going to see Sam for years now and am so proud of how far his career has come. 

Sam just recently signed a record deal with Average Joe’s,  which is incredible.  On top of that he just released his single “History”, which he sings about being stuck in a relationship.  Click here to hear it on my Spotify playlist.https://open.spotify.com/user/22xwjjtyw3ubcblpjzblkfkmq/playlist/5WAHBzVBzTETBCcSlAuzQg?si=qWaBzRWOSd2s33GQg0v6GQ

If you have not watched one of my interviews all the way through,  I think you should with this one.  There are so many surprises.  This interview is hysterical, Sam had me laughing out loud while I was editing on the plane home!  Check it out now! 

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