Get Blending With Blendah Babes

For months now I have been dying to try a smoothie service.  With my crazy schedule and never getting a lunch break I need something easy, simple, and healthy.    So why not a smoothie service?

I recently discovered a local smoothie delivery service called Blendah Babes.  My friend Carley runs it and makes the smoothie cups fresh.  They are so simple to make!  You just store them in your freezer until your ready to have one.  You pick what liquid you want to blend with, then add the ingredients from the cup and blend.  Boom you have a lunch!  I personally use almond milk, but you can use whatever you would like.  They have differ flavors like Mango Broke My Heart, Peanut Buttah Cup, Apple Bottom Greens, and more.  

You definitely need to check them out, especially if you live on the south shore.  Order online here https://www.blendahbabes.com/.  They deliver locally or you can pick them up. And for anyone on the South Shore only go to the website and get 20%  with code DRSARAH on your  first order for home delivery.  Remember on the south shore only!!  Rumor has it they will be in a local supermarket soon.  Happy blending!  

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